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Digital energy supplier offers clean energy at wholesale cost

A new digital energy company is seeking to undercut traditional ‘Big 6’ companies with a renewable supply offer delivered “at cost” offering both carbon and financial savings to customers.

Pure Planet has been founded by the team behind Virgin Mobile who went on to manage other phone service providers. It is entering the retail energy market with a membership payment model which covers the standard charge and the company’s margin.

It makes its money through a monthly £10 fee per fuel, which also includes the typical daily charge found at rivals.

Pure Planet says this delivers prices that are substantially lower than the Big 6 through a single tariff and no “rip-off rates” associated with standard variable tariffs.

As well as offering supply at wholesale prices, the new company sources its energy from wind, solar and tidal projects, offering low carbon energy certified with Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin. It also claims to 100% offset the carbon produced by its natural gas supplies.

The new venture is designed to capture the advances in energy management offered by increased use of smart digital devices and the growing appetite for renewable power. Pure Planet is therefore a digital-only brand, built for mobile and app use, and offers an Artificial Intelligence bot to aid customer service.

Andrew Ralston, Pure Planet’s co-founder and chief executive, said: “Pure Planet is designed to give Britain’s 28 million consumers fresh, clean 100% renewable energy for a lower price than power that pollutes. We’re using modern digital technology – and our telecommunications experience – to bring better prices and better service to the UK energy market.

“From now on, there is no excuse not to choose renewable energy. It’s now cheaper and much better value than the alternative. And it doesn’t pollute the environment, it’s better for us all and better for the planet.”